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The Research Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Research Project - Assignment Example Predicated on front speculative talk with respect to picture, an observational assessment was coordinated to test the relationship proposed here. Various thing designators from front examinations were used. Results assign that there is a connection between information sources and end picture. Following how customers obtain information is major for exhibiting organization decisions. This is especially right for housing, peregrinate and the travel industry things. Examination has displayed that vacationer information is a beneficial idea in cognizance objective picture and the end winnow technique of explorers. Information sources have been consolidated in various investigate goes about as profound figures for the analyzation of voyager disposition. For instance, regardless, most of the voyagers comportment shows joined the quest for outside information as a crucial portion. Second, a couple of studies have broke down the effect of information sources on explorers' tendencies and point s. Various investigations have focused on the connection between information sources, target winnow and peregrinate decisions. ... Then again, explorers figure pictures of elective destinations, so picture withal creates as a segregating component in the target select procedure (Goodman, 2004 p 34) . This is consistent with the possibility that information sources and the qualities of the differing closes structure the foundation for unmistakable picture and experience possibilities. In fuse, the information wellsprings of voyager practices have transmuted gigantically throughout late years, due initially with the impact of beginning advancements; additionally, to the adjustment in vacationer buyer deportment, thirdly to the extend in the measure of explorer stopping points, and determinately to the creating competition around unmistakable objectives. Therefore, information sources should meet one rule objective to be perceived as strong realizes for target headway. Headway is apperceived by various as a separating part in the travel industry publicizing. Around the group of restricted time systems available, th e peregrinate flyer is a champion among the most focal and comprehensively utilized For a long while, peregrinate flyers have been utilized by national, state and basic spot organizations, social occasion and visitors' bureaux and concrete stopping points as sensible and assorted correspondence executes. Along these lines, the crucial purpose of this examination is to recognize those target qualities which help amass a positive target picture, and to explore the piece of information sources in the organizing of the positive end picture. Even more unequivocally, this examination centers around the examination of flyers as a headway betokens for guest goals and as incited picture engenderers. Adventitiously, it endeavors to make a connection between the genuine finish of the

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Product and Pricing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Item and Pricing - Essay Example These strategies are utilized so as to find out the budgetary or money related measure of a specific brand. For instance, utilizing correspondence speculations as a type of brand valuation considers the entirety of the consumptions acquired in conveying the brand in the objective market and altering it for swelling. In this method the organization additionally accepts into thought the open door of utilizing the store in different speculations, for example, bonds. Notwithstanding, the creator likewise stresses that the brand is an elusive resource. It is more than the name or the logo imprinted in the bundling of specific items. The brand isn't what it is nevertheless a big motivator for it. As indicated by Chevron (4), a brand is a pledge with the client, a guarantee that the brand and the item it names will fit in with the desires that have been made after some time. He additionally features that the presence of the brand is a direct result of the organization's promise to its outside qualities. Thus, as brand is immaterial and responsibility isn't quantifiable, the genuine estimation of a brand can't be completely considered by ascribing a money related an incentive to it: Since each one of those monetary valuation strategies are nevertheless instructed surmises, we can't depend on any one (Chevron 10). Obviously the creator can't help contradicting the too oversimplified or extremely muddled strategies utilized by the money related a

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IT Operations, Controls, Reporting, and Maintenance Essay Example for Free

IT Operations, Controls, Reporting, and Maintenance Essay Following Office of Inspector General Report the significant number of missteps was resoundingly in Information Resources Management (IRM) area and in assessment of data innovation execution. EPA has neglected to create adequate IRM Policy Manual, with exacting gave Interim Policy in regards to the assessment of execution of data innovation program. One of the most critical missteps is the absence of fundamental undertaking documentation consequently the total rundown of venture dangers was not archived and accounted, just as there was any fitting documentation to follow the various periods of improvement cycle, that makes the procedure of dangers and spending checking not straightforward and venture the board preferably inconveniences shooting over task the executives procedure arranged. The Agency last proposals were centered around EPA the executives contribution in key choice purposes of the data innovation extends in this manner committed them to make an appropriate administration manual with these key choices reported before moving to another phase of the improvement cycle. So at this stage EPA the board was required to give a composed reaction to the Report inside 90 schedule days including an activity plan for redresses with achievement dates. OEI reaction from fifteenth of June, 2005th has addressed the fundamental concerns underlined in OIG report, be that as it may, I accept that it ought to be progressively nitty gritty with conveyance dates on each issue and cement dependable individual entitled for every specific advance. There is no likelihood to make post reports dependent on this activity plan. Furthermore the real phase of the executives documentation was not investigated accordingly; along these lines the solid arrangement of documentation line change was not introduced. Anyway inside the two reports we can get just a skipped diagram of the board forms and the fundamental foundation of basic issues, it is completely certain that time and spending disappointment could be forestalled with advancement process improvement by reviews, OEI (as a customer) association and in any event progressively visit (I recommend fourteen days) cycles. These measures are directed by Scrum approach and bolstered by Agile philosophy. The primary issue of OEI the board reaction is in being not time productive. I accept that building an activity plan dependent on Agile Scrum approach will take 90 schedule days at the arranging stage yet will spare half of time underway. The current OEI activity plan isn't satisfactory inside the current circumstance of time and financial plan over constraining. Why use Scrum at OEI case? The appropriate response is: â€Å"Scrum approach was concocted to drive quickly the imaginative items to showcase, so half year discharges used to be a sensible time from for a venture framework. Presently it is three months for a significant new discharge, one month for updates, and multi week for support discharges. The underlying adaptation of the Agile Scrum advancement process was intended to upgrade efficiency and decrease time to advertise for new product† (Schwaber Beedle, 2002) Due to the issues with venture dangers assessing MetaScrum Planning is one of the most suitable instruments to use in the circumstance. Gantt Charts will turn into an extra (missed) chain in venture documentation just as a deliveries’ information plan notwithstanding OEI reaction. Progressively created Gantt diagram can oversee duplicate discharges. At our conditions we get a chance to follow the significant asset issues just as have any huge deferrals rather adjusted. Week by week MetaScrum gatherings permit dealing with all issues progressively in light of the fact that each graph depends on solid information, so the executives can see promptly where streamlining is essential. It truly makes the task administrators work increasingly productive on the grounds that they have a short emphasis timeframe to sort the present issue and to balance out the graph before the following gathering. Over or under estimation of undertakings is one of the most critical explanations behind conveyance delays, so it is smarter to follow much of the time the status of little assignments. OEI has the undertaking with high level of flightiness, so we can't utilize conventional arranging procedures or Gantt/PERT diagrams just, at this case we have a high danger of necessities change. Scrum week by week gatherings advance correspondence and mastery sharing, they increment the normal degree of desperation, empower sharing of information, cooperation. One of the most significant advantages of Scrum approach is high consistency of dangers and issues; they are obvious some time before the discharge. I propose that 90 schedule days committed for formation of new activity plan for the executives ought to be utilized totally for the board procedure refactoring; uncommon changes are to be acted in conveyances segment. Inside changes of prerequisites MetaScrum is a best methodology for OEI to get self-sorted out around their present issues. Arranging and conveyance changes will be reflected promptly through choices to be made on week after week premise in the MetaScrum. As the aftereffect of utilizing MetaScrum approach OEI will get increasingly adaptable, progressively conclusive, progressively versatile task the board procedure. Task the board will turn out to be completely computerized. Organization will save money on desk work, compelling undertaking the board detailing and extra announcing before moving to next task stage will be accomplished without extra human work mediation. Robotized information assortment and revealing framework will permit following and actualizing of update effectively, which is an important device for OEI administrators. MetaScrum apparatuses will permit us to arrive at straightforwardness of procedures, companywide perceivability, measurements driven by leaders, effective profitability results. As indicated by Dr. Beedle (1999): â€Å"Scrum will speed up improvement, adjusts individual and corporate targets, will make a culture driven by execution, underpins investor esteem creation, accomplishes, steady and predictable correspondence of execution at all levels, and upgrades singular turn of events and personal satisfaction. It likewise drives usefulness out into the commercial center at a pace that can overpower contenders and accomplish industry dominance†. Utilizing Scrum arranged methodology on their activity plan OEI chiefs will arrive at the extraordinary straightforwardness of advancement/conveyances forms, productive observing of progress, they will get adaptable with time and effective with spending plan.

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Portrayal of Footbinding in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Literature Essay Samples

In the 19th century China, the custom known as footbinding was prevalent; it was traditional that young girls had their feet bound as early as age three and the goal was to achieve a pair of perfectly bound feet, which made a girl more marriageable, since it showed her discipline, obedience to the natal family and the ability to endure pain. However, not every girl survived this procedure, many of them died of an infection. In some respects, there are correlations between known historical facts and textual evidence of footbinding in the novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, where the main character Lily tells us her life story and guides us through the process of her feet being bound. A custom called footbinding was a practice used on young girls, where the four small toes were twisted underneath the foot’s sole until the bones in them were broken. The arch of the foot was broken as well and pushed as close to the heel as possible. The feet were being bound at least for two years straight in order to prevent them from growing. (Wilson 2013, 18) Still, there is not a lot of knowledge as to how the footbinding began, although as early as late Han Dynasty (847-850) there are textual references where the likeness of the small feet can be seen. There are stories about an empress in the Shang Dynasty who was born with a club foot and since she did not want her feet to be out of place, she asked emperor to order court ladies to bind their feet, so she would not be the only one with the deformation. Another legend claims that the empress was a fox and she ordered that every woman must have her feet bound, so that nobody could tell the difference between her paws an d human feet. The last legend says footbinding originated from a dancer, although later when the practice became more popular and was exaggerated, it was impossible to walk normally, let alone dance. At the time of urbanization footbinding emerged in the early Sung Dynasty (960-1279). The routine flowed from imperial palace to court, then to upper, middle and lower class. The higher that the social status of the woman was, the bigger was the desire for her to have small feet. Footbinding also became associated with marriage; girls with smaller feet were more marriageable that those with bigger ones. (Wilson 2013, 18) By the late twelfth century footbinding was widely spread throughout the whole country. The practice became more popular and accepted, it had also increased in its severity. A drop of practice happened in the seventeenth century, as the Qing Dynasty took control. They forbade the tradition of footbinding and threatened with death penalties for anyone who would not unbin d their feet. However, the ban was three years later revoked by the Ministry of Rites who were saying that they should not forbid such an old and respected tradition. In 1835 it was measured that footbinding affected 50-80% of women, with an exception of women amongst the lower classes, as they worked in agriculture or manufacturing and would not have been able to do so with their feet being bound (Mackie 1996, 1001). The first example taken from the novel is showing us exactly what the life of women amongst the lower classes was like. Their bones are not broken, their bindings are always loose, and, once married, their feet are set free again so they can work in the fields alongside their husbands. The poorest girls dont have their feet bound at all. We all know how they end up. They are either sold as servants or they become little daughters-in-law ─ big-footed girls from unfortunate families who are given to other families to raise until they are old enough to bear children.(See 2005, 17) The first anti-footbinding society (the Anti-Foot Binding Society) was started in 1895 by missionaries, who did not want to bind their daughter’s feet, neither did they want their son to marry a girl with such. Gradually the society acquired 300,000 members with the same beliefs. After the Chinese Revolution (1911) footbinding was banned in 1912, but despite the ban it still continued being a practice in isolated regions. Although anti-footbinding activities began in the late nineteenth century, the practice lingered in rural areas well into the twentieth. (See 2005, 256) It is predicted that over the period of time during the years 950-1949, over two billion women had their feet bound (Mao 2007, 1). The goal of footbinding was to achieve the perfect foot which would not exceed 3-4 inches. Mao (2007, 1) believes that the only way for a girl to climb up the social ladder was through having tiny feet; they were the one thing that mattered which can also be seen in the example below. The girl is indeed very lovely, but golden lilies are far more important in life than a pretty face. A lovely face is a gift from Heaven, but tiny feet can improve social standing. (See 2005, 21) The process began when a girl was very young, the explanation being that the arch of the foot was not yet fully developed and would be more easily moulded into a golden lotus shape (which was the goal) than matured bone, the same goes for small toes. Footbinding was performed in late fall or winter when due to the cold weather the foot would be naturally numb and the pain would not be as severe. It was carried out by the girl’s experienced female relatives, usually her mother and aunts. The custom was not approved by these women and yet they were the ones performing it, because they knew that otherwise their daughters would have no future. The process tried to make feet narrower and shorter, the big toe had to be as close to the heel as possible. First, they had to clip of the toenails. Then, the feet were soaked in hot water containing herbs and nuts so the tissue got softened. All toes on the foot, except the big one, were broken and curled under the sole and tightly bound with a bandage or silk. Every day they needed to change the bandages, wash the foot and cut the toenails in order to prevent infection. The arch of the foot was also broken and the foot was pulled straight with the leg. (Mao 2007, 1) The following two examples are expressing the same ideas as Mao, the process described in the novel can be considered as credible. Mama washed my feet and rubbed them with alum, to contract the tissue and limit the inevitable secretions of blood and pus. She cut my toenails as short as possible. During this time, my bandages were soaked, so that when they dried on my skin, they would tighten even more. Next, Mama took one end of a bandage, placed it on my instep, then pulled it over my four smallest toes to begin the process of rolling them underneath my foot. From here she wrapped the bandage back around my heel. (See 2005, 26) On the fourth day, we soaked our bandaged feet in a bucket of hot water. The bindings were then removed, and Mama and Aunt checked our toenails, shaved calluses, scrubbed away dead skin, dabbed on more alum and perfume to disguise the odor of our putrefying flesh, and wrapped new clean bindings, even tighter this time. (See 2005, 29) Girls were in a lot of pain during the process not only from having their bones broken, but also because they had to walk long distances for their feet to be crushed with their own weight into a proper shape. This event was probably the most memorable one from the novel Snowflower and the Secret Fan, since Lily just had her feet bound, bones broken and still she had to stand up and walk across the room. I tried to fulfill their expectations for me ─ to attain the smallest bound feet in the country ─ so I let my bones be broken and molded into a better shape. When I knew I couldn’t suffer another moment of pain, and tears fell on my bloody bindings, my mother spoke softly into my ear, encouraging me to go one more hour, one more day, one more week, reminding me of the rewards I would have if I carried on a little longer. In this way she taught me how to endure ─ not just the physical trials of footbinding and childbearing but the more torturous pain of the heart, mind and soul. (See 2005, 3) In this example we can see how footbinding shaped a girl’s personality. One of the reasons why it was connected to marriage is that small feet meant that girl can endure pain, is disciplined and respects her family. In earlier years the washing and binding is executed by the mother; later when the girl gets older, she does it on her own. After two years of constant binding, a pair of tiny feet is achieved. The practice was performed on young girls and it served as an important social function, since it determined marriageability and was important for family honour. Although it was socially mandated, it was not legally required. Footbinding was meant to enhance female’s aesthetic and sexual appeal to men and control female reproductive power. Bound feet had erotic appeal to men, the smaller the feet, the better, which can also be seen in the novel, where Lily’s husband is completely obsessed with her tiny lotus feet. The process can be fatal, as there is a possibility of an infection. Girls are experiencing a lot of pain and procedures are done without the recipient’s consent. Now I know there were many things no one said. No one said I could die. It wasn’t until I moved to my husband’s home that my mother-in-law told me that one out of ten girls died from footbinding, not only in our country but across the whole China. (See 2005, 25) Another example from the novel can be considered correct, since approximately 10 percent of girls did not survive the treatment. (Mackie 1996, 1000) Footbinding was a painful custom of elegance and torture. It was an ideal of beauty for years and young girls were the victims. After a thousand years it was stopped, but there are still other kinds of violence present that affect women all over the world. In the novel Snowflower and the Secret Fan, footbinding is described in great detail and the goal of this essay was to find out how much of the data is trustworthy. The procedure was described correctly, all details describing the beginning, the end of footbinding and its role in the society are plausible. It is safe to conclude that See’s novel is regarding the process of footbinding more than credible. All the data used in the novel was compared with the actual historical facts and there were no disparities, the novel is consistent with the findings of the people mentioned in references. References Ko, Dorothy. 2001. Every Step a Lotus: Shoes for Bound Feet. London: University of California Press.Little, Alicia. 1899. Intimate China. London, Hutchinson Co. Mackie, Gerry. 1996. â€Å"Ending Footbinding and Infibulation: A Convention Account.† American Sociological Review 61, no. 6: 999–1017.Mao, John. 2007. â€Å"Foot Binding: Beauty and Torture.† The Internet Journal of Biological Anthropology 1, no. 2 See, Lisa. 2005. Snowflower and the Secret Fan. New York: Random House Wilson, Ann-Marie. 2013. â€Å"How the Methods Used to Eliminate Foot Binding in China can be Employed to Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation.† Journal of Gender Studies 22, no. 1: 17-37

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Police Department and Organization Ppt Essay - 1289 Words

Police roles and Functions Paper Tracy Marzano CJA/214 May 16, 2013 All law enforcement agencies in the United States are connected to one another due to the fact that most agencies have multi levels of government and overlapping jurisdictions. In general all levels and departments of law enforcement work and co-operate together to protect the citizens, and to prevent and solve crimes. Local law enforcement agencies are entrusted with the power to serve and protect the public and maintain peace within the community. Most local law enforcement agencies are small in size and employ many civilians for data processing, finger printing and other clerical duties. Local law enforcement agencies are responsible for patrolling an area or†¦show more content†¦In some cases the type of offense committed may determine who has power or jurisdiction over the case. Federal law enforcement is divided into three categories: The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of the Treasury. Each of these federal law enforcement agencies works together to solve specific types and forms of crimes. Federal law enforcement agencies are authorized by Congress to enforce specific laws or attend to specific situations (Gaines, Miller, 2006). Under the Department of Justice the following are the following departments: The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), United States Marshal Service (USMS), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).The FBI is responsible for investigating federal law violations and has jurisdiction over two hundred federal crimes like sabotage, espionage, kidnapping, bank robberies, extortion, interstate crimes and civil rights violations. The FBI also assists and provides training to other law enforcement agencies. There are eight separate divisions under the control of the FBI and they are the National Security Division, Criminal Investigation Division, the FBI laboratory, CriminalShow MoreRelatedThe Department s Crisis Communication Plan1106 Words   |  5 Pagesin touch with the departments emergency response team after-hours. This means that not only should they need to have contact numbers for department members ,but they also need contact numbers for emergency response information partners for example the Governor’s public affairs officer, local FBI public information special agent in charge, local or regional department of agriculture or veterinarian public information officers, Red Cross, and other non-governmental organizations. A significantRead MoreCyber Espionage4042 Words   |  17 Pagesthe well-known victim of a successful APT attack. Todays organizations are inherently porous. Change the perspective to protecting data throughout the lifecycle across the enterprise and the entire supply chain.    The report adds: The definition of a successful defense has to change from keeping attacks out to sometimes attackers are going to get in; detect them as early as possible and minimize the damage. Assume your organization might already be compromised and go from there.    TheRead More2006 Arroyo Case Study31910 Words   |  128 PagesInstitute of Standards and Technology Technology Administration †¢ Department of Commerce Baldrige National Quality Program Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study was prepared for use in the 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner Preparation Course. The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study describes a fictitious nonprofit organization in the health care sector. There is no connection between the fictitiousRead More2006 Arroyo Case Study31910 Words   |  128 PagesNational Institute of Standards and Technology Technology Administration †¢ Department of Commerce Baldrige National Quality Program Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study was prepared for use in the 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner Preparation Course. The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study describes a fictitious nonprofit organization in the health care sector. There is no connection between the fictitiousRead MoreTaxation as an Instrument of Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria13527 Words   |  55 Pages(Hons.) degree in the Department of Accounting, College of Management sciences, Al-Hikmah University of Ilorin, Ilorin. †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Mr. A.B Uthman DATE PROJECT SUPERVISOR †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ .†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Mr. R.A Iyanda DATE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT (ACCOUNTING) †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Read MoreProject Report on Summer Training in Kotak Mahindra Life Insurence Recruitment Process16354 Words   |  66 Pagesof my knowledge and beliefs the facts mentioned in the report are true. MUSHFIK HASNEN RIJVI E/NO 07/9176 B.B.A. Part III ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:- I am highly thankful to Mr. Narayan singh (ABM) to provide me an opportunity to work in his esteemed organization as Summer Trainee. I am greatly indebted to my project supervisor Mr. Ashish khatri (Senior Sales Manager) for constant guidance throughout the course of this work and for providing me all necessary information for my project work. I am alsoRead MoreCommunity Health Nursing Final Exam Study Guide Essay15874 Words   |  64 Pagesissues in the homeless population. High risk for infections, trauma, violence. Don’t age very well. Where do they seek health care services? (pg. 425, Effects of Homeless on Health) Health care is usually crisis oriented and sought in emergency departments. Those who access health care have a hard time following prescribed regimens. Insulin-dependent diabetic man who lives on the street may sleep in a shelter. His ability to get adequate rest, exercise, take insulin on a schedule, eat regular mealsRead MoreGlobalization and It Effects on Cultural Integration: the Case of the Czech Republic.27217 Words   |  109 PagesEuropean Union and the Non-governmental organizations for the integration of immigrants and foreigners in the Czech Republic. As a way of encouraging integration, the ministry of culture represents intercultural dialogue within the state policy. The ministry also give support to cultural activities of members of national minorities living in the country, support for integration of members of the Roma community and immigrants. The Department of Arts, Libraries, Department of Media, and Audiovisual PoliciesRead MoreI Love Reading Essay69689 Words   |  279 Pages(Rotter, 1966; as in B H, 1986); and ‘different from managers’ (Penrose); quoting Cunnigham and Lischeron (1991), who under stood the term from the following perspectives: ‘psychological’, ‘opportunity’, leadership and intrapreneurship (within organizations) 1 Introduction: Why Entrepreneurship 1 1.2 Role of Entrepreneurship in the Economy: Creating Value 1.2.1 The entrepreneur who implements ‘new combinations of means of production’ plays a crucial role in disturbing the status quo throughRead MoreStrategic Management and Ikea9925 Words   |  40 PagesEnvironment Macro Environment (Appendix 11) includes all external forces and conditions that affect every firm and organisation within the economy. (Hubbard, 2008) 3.1.1. (a) .PESTEL Analysis PEST Analysis might have an important impact on the organization. Therefore IKEA have to consider the several trends namely, political, economical, socio cultural and technological while they are formulating the strategies. By understanding the threats and opportunities, can formulate better strategic decisions

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Academic Success Videos Sleep And The College Student

Academic Success Videos: Sleep and the College Student. Academic Success Videos: Sleep and the College Student. Dartmouth University, 22 July 2011. Web. 24 Feb. 2016. . This source was produced by The Media Production Group at Dartmouth and Dr. Carl P. Thum, Director of the Dartmouth Academic Skills Center. Carl Thum himself works with students at Dartmouth University in which he provides coaching for students suffering from ADD and also leads various workshops, mini-courses, and coaching sessions for students as well. In this video, several students and faculty members are interviewed on the relationship between sleep and being a college student. In the various interviews, the students admit to the struggles they have in being able to function when suffering from sleep deprivation and how severely the lives are affected from it. The faculty members themselves admit to the several instances in which they have witnessed students suffer as a result of sleep deprivation in their testimonials. I will be incorporating this video to indicate the varying degrees at which sleep deprivation can affect students and will include quotes from other students in t his video in order to create more relatability for the reader when hearing from students besides myself and how they have learned to address sleep. Hershner, Shelley D., and Ronald D. Chervin. Causes and Consequences of Sleepiness among College Students. Nature and Science of Sleep. Dove Medical Press, 23 June 2014. Web.Show MoreRelatedBenefits Of Living On A College Campus Essay1729 Words   |  7 PagesThe Benefits to Living on a College Campus One of the most controversial and toughest decisions to make before starting college is whether it would be more beneficial to live on campus, or off campus. Further, this can be an immensely problematical decision, because some people may really not know, at the exact time they need to make that choice, which decision will obviously lead to more success for them. For instance, some students might like to change their lives, and reside in the dorms, soRead MoreStress Is A Common Experience For All Of Us1194 Words   |  5 Pagesstress when we are very busy, have important deadlines to meet, have college assignment and lack of time to complete these assignments. Our body cannot decide what to do then we feel stress. My friend has gone to college since 2011, and she had finished 45 credits for her nursing degree but she dropped out college this year because of stress. When she told me about dropping college, several questions arose in my mind about student s stress. So it becomes i mportant to know what is stress? What areRead MoreMy Success At Miami Dade College891 Words   |  4 PagesI follow a System How do you demonstrate success in your life? Well if you are wondering, my success occurs in many forms and has many meanings. It includes being happy with myself and being where I want to be in life. My success also typically means finishing something that I have worked hard at. Right now, I feel great for the accomplishment of my academic success in this Summer Term-A 2016 at Miami Dade College. Where I am excelled my previous performances, such as better tests grade, engage inRead MoreYou Learn More From Failure Than From Success918 Words   |  4 PagesYou learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.† If someone would have asked me a year ago what the definition of motivation is, I wouldn’t have the answer because I didn’t know. I grew up as a child in south Philadelphia where children used what they saw in music videos to motivate themselves to look good and that was it to motivation and for me as well. I know it does not make sense, even as I type I am confused at how I could be so shallow but thatRead MoreThe Effects Of Media On Academic Success1318 Words   |  6 PagesWith the online environment becoming ever-changing, that change has also effected the classroom and the ways students are now being taught. Social media has become a daily part of life and kids are averaging almost nine hours a day consuming some type of media (Wallace, 2015). Doctors suggest that kids average eight hours of sleep per night; leaving a mere seven hours to go to school, complete homework assignments, partake in extracurricular activities, and time to wind down after the day has comeRead MoreThe Effects Of Extracurricular Activities On College Students1332 Words   |  6 Pagesunpromising depending on what the student plans on participating in and also how many activities the student plans participating in. Many studies have been conducted trying to find the answer to those questions. One great thing that comes along with extracurricular activities is that it looks great on college applications. â€Å"They won t know if you spend hours upon hours playing video games; they will certainly notice a lack of notable activities on your college application†(Extracurricular Activity)Read MoreChildren Of A Child s Life1630 Words   |  7 Pageschild’s life affect them in some miniscule way and although children never realize it, some people are more crucial to their success than others. Children engage in relationships with their parents, their peers and friends, their teachers, and they take part in their community. Different factors within these relationships can affect how they learn and perform as students. Students encounter many influential people through their childhood that affect their learning abilities and characteristics, but parentsRead MoreFactors Affecting Academic Performance2485 Words   |  10 PagesFACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC PERFORM ANCE OF STUDENTS IN HOTEL amp; RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT AT SOUTHEAST ASIAN COLLEGE, INCORPORATED: REMEDIATION A RESEARCH PRESENTED TO THE COLLEGE OF HOTEL amp; RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN COLLEGE, INC. IN A PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTSFOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOTEL amp; RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SUBMITTED TO: DR. MARIQUITA MENDOZA SUBMITTED BY: MARC JASON S. PAPA SY, 1ST SEMESTER 2010 – 2011 ACKONWLEDGEMENT FirstRead MoreCollege Students Drop Out Of School971 Words   |  4 PagesCollege Students Drop Out of School Thousand of students from high school attend to college every year. Most of them come from the different areas in the country and go to the college for the different reasons. College is a new environment with high school students to find out what they are going to do in the future. However, there are many cause make students drop out halfway through one’s course in school. The most common reason of students is stress or including the studious students, the averageRead MoreHow Internet Is Negatively Impacting Carolina Day School s Environment1693 Words   |  7 Pagesonline daily, with open access to harmful material that can affect developing minds permanently, and set up habits that can damage their potential for success in the future. An even more shocking 24% of teens say that they are online â€Å"almost constantly.† As a tenth grader in Carolina Day’s upper school, I’ve witnessed the daily activities of students who confirm these statistics. To the m, navigating the internet is second nature, and that is where the real danger lies. While at school, they are still

Electoral College Is Wrong Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Electoral College Is Wrong Essay, Research Paper The Electoral College is the name given to a group of voters who are nominated by political militants and party members within the provinces. The electoral college truly isn # 8217 ; t necessary and should be abolished. There are legion grounds why this is so. With the Electoral College in affect 3rd parties don # 8217 ; Ts have a opportunity to go the president, which isn # 8217 ; t just. Voters are expected to be honest but in the past our state has caught some untruthful 1s. The electoral College was created so long ago that it is now outdated, so we shouldn # 8217 ; t even have voters. Peoples of the U.S. may believe that they are take parting in a direct election for the president, but with the Electoral College system technically, this International Relations and Security Network # 8217 ; t the instance. Having merely two campaigners running for the leader of our state restricts our picks for president. We will write a custom essay sample on Electoral College Is Wrong Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If a 3rd portion wins the bulk of the popular ballot, that doesn # 8217 ; t needfully intend they will be the president because it # 8217 ; s all up to the voters. If the campaigner doesn # 8217 ; t win the voters # 8217 ; ballots so they will non hold a opportunity of winning. This happened in the 2000 election. This is really unfair. # 8220 ; In 1992 Ross Perot won more popular ballots than Clinton, but he did non win any electoral ballots so he was dropped from the election ( Glennon, 1992 ) . # 8221 ; We are supposed to hold faith in the voters of our province. In theory, they are supposed to vote for the campaigner who won the popular ballot of that province, but you can # 8217 ; T ever swear them to make so. You may believe that they are voting for who they should, but they could be truly voting for who they want. Voters besides vote rather a clip after the people. With the clip in between, certain things could alter their heads on who they want to win. â€Å"There have merely been twelve unfaithful voters in U.S. history. The most recent was in 1988 in West Virginia ( Glennon, 1992 ) .† The Electoral College was created 200 old ages ago and times have decidedly changed. Peoples are good educated these yearss, and have a better apprehension of the whole election procedure. Two centuries ago people didn # 8217 ; Ts have Television, wireless, intelligence broadcast medium, or the cyberspace. These are all good beginnings that to provide us with more than adequate coverage of the elections at manus. The whole system makes no sense, because depending on how large a province is, depends on how many voters that province has. The smaller the province, the more voters it has. It should be the other manner around. Besides population denseness has changed over clip. If a campaigner wins the popular ballot but non the electoral, so they do non win the election. This is unjust. If the people want a certain individual for their leader than that # 8217 ; s who it should be. The Constitution says to reasonably stand for the people. The Electoral College is the entire antonym. How the people feel doesn # 8217 ; t even matter. People shouldn # 8217 ; t even vote if their ballot doesn # 8217 ; t count. What # 8217 ; s the point? In a democracy, people are the most of import. The Electoral College prohibits people to be the most of import. Sing all these facts and fortunes, it is clear that the Electoral College is non something that this state needs. It goes against everything this state stands for. The U.S. is a good educated, rational state, that has the capableness to take a president. The Electoral College should be history. Bibliography Glennon, Michael J. # 8220 ; When No bulk Rules: The Electoral College and Presidential Succession. # 8221 ; Washington, D.C. : Congressional Quarterly, 1992.